New Drug Treatments In Allergy

There are many new medications and treatments for allergies and asthma. Board- certified allergists have the training and experience to help patients make the best choices. * New antihistamines. Histamine is one of the major inflammatory chemicals released by cells in the body during allergic reactions, and antihistamines block its action. Older antihistamines, such as … Read more

Allergy Drops: Not Yet Ready

For many years allergists have been searching for alternatives to allergy shots that successfully desensitize patients to the substances to which they are allergic. While allergy shots are very effective, the fear of injections deters some patients from undergoing the therapy. Recent research in Europe shows that oral allergy drops can desensitize patients to certain … Read more

Skin Tests Tell the Story

Skin testing is the most sensitive and least expensive way to identify specific allergies. Newer ways of performing the skin test minimize patient discomfort. Scratch tests may be used on people of any age to screen for allergies and detect those individuals who are super-sensitive. To perform the scratch test, a drop of allergen solution … Read more