1. Hours
    BOURBONNAIS Monday Noon-5:40pm, Tuesday & Thursday 10am-4:40pm
    BUFFALO GROVE Open Monday 10am-5pm, Thursday Noon-6pm
    CRYSTAL LAKE Open Monday & Wednesday Noon-6:45pm, Tuesday 10:30am-4:30pm, Friday 10am-4pm.
    NORTHBROOK Open Tuesday 9:30am-5:30pm (except 12-1 lunch), Wednesday 1pm-6:30pm, Saturday 8am-1pm. CLOSED FRIDAY
  2. Most patients may wait their 20 minutes after allergy shots either in the building hallway or their car (varies by location). Call the office when your 20 minutes is up. Nurses will notify patients who must wait in the office after their allergy shots.
  3. We are not equipped to diagnose influenza or coronavirus. If you have cough and fever we ask that you refrain from coming to the office. In the office nurses are triaging over the phone whether an ill patient should come to our office or see their primary physician.