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Antihistamines and Beta Blockers

Many medications contain antihistamines or other chemicals that may block the action of histamine, which is necessary to produce a positive skin test reaction in an allergic person. These medications – and some tranquilizers and Beta Blockers – can interfere with results of allergy skin tests. Some of these medications are listed below. Please let the nurse know if you are taking any of these medications.

Stop taking prior to testing:We generally recommend stopping Beta Blockers for 24 hours before testing. Please check with our nurse if this would be problematic for you.
Actifed24 hoursAcebutolol
Alavert72 hoursAtenolol
Allegra72 hoursBetaxolol
Allegra D72 hoursBisoprolol
Astelin nasal spray24 hoursBlocadren
Atarax48 hoursCarvedilol
Benadryl24 hoursCoreg
Bromfed PD24 hoursCorgard
Chlor Trimetron24 hoursInderal
Clarinex5 daysInnoPran XL
Claritin72 hoursKerlone
Claritin D72 hoursLabertalol
Dallergy JR24 hoursLevatol
Deconamine24 hoursLopressor
Dimetane24 hoursMetoprolol
Dimetapp24 hoursNadolol
Doxepin72 hoursNormadyne
Naldecon24 hoursPenbutolol
Polyhistine24 hoursPindolol
Rondec24 hoursPropranolol
Rus-Tuss24 hoursSectral
Rynatan24 hoursTenormin
Semprex D24 hoursTimolol
Sudafed Plus24 hoursToprol-XL
Tavist72 hoursTrandate
Triaminic24 hoursZlac
Trinalin24 hours
Zyrtec72 hours
Xyzal72 hours
Tylenol PM
or Advil PM
24 hours